Product | Communication | Ethernet | ENC28J60 Network Shield -Arduino Compatible
ENC28J60 Network Shield -Arduino Compatible
ENC28J60 Network Shield -Arduino Compatible
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Arduino ENC28J60 Network Shield

Now days there are kinds of ways to connect the Arduino with LAN .
And now there is another new interest way :

Arduino ENC28J60 Network Shield

A shield based on ENC28J60.
The Arduino ENC28J60 Network Shield adopt SPI interface, so we can connect with Arduino boards through Arduino IDC shield :

Download and uncompress the into your hardware libraries of Arduino setup catalog and name it as EncEthernet :

After reboot Arduino , find the WebServer example code in : File->Examples->EncEtherent :


According to your LAN different setting , generally only need to modify the IP address:
static uint8_t myip[4] = {192,168,0,15};

After setting MAC address and IP address in the code, then download the programmer code .
Then you can visit your Arduino by browser , now your Arduino  is a simple Web server:

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