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Voltage Sensor Module -Arduino Compatible
Voltage Sensor Module -Arduino Compatible
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Arduino Voltage Sensor Module

Description :

This module is based on resistance points pressure principle, and it can make the input voltage of red terminal reduce 5 times of original voltage.

The max Arduino analog input voltage is 5 V, so the input voltage of this module should be not more than 5 V x 5 = 25 V ( if for 3.3 V system, the input voltage should be not more than 3.3 V x 5 = 16.5 V ).

Because the Arduino AVR chip have 10 bit AD, so this module simulation resolution is 0.00489 V (5 V / 1023), and the input voltage of this module should be more than 0.00489 V x 5 = 0.02445 V.

Special Parameters :

1、Voltage input range : DC0-25 V

2、Voltage detection range : DC0.02445 V-25 V

3、Voltage analog resolution : 0.00489 V

4、DC input interface : red terminal positive with VCC, negative with GND

Connecting Diagram :


This sensor module come with 3 Pin Dual-female Jumper Wire length 300mm as below :

Application :

Connect this vlotage sensor module with Arduino sensor shield through 3 Pin sensor cable, not only can easily realize to detect and control the voltage, but also can display the voltage through the IIC LCD1602 LCD module and make voltage monitor, as following :


Referrence Test Code :

#include <Wire.h>
int val11;
int val2;

void setup()

  Serial.println("Voltage: ");
void loop()
      float temp;



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