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13.56MHZ New RFID Reader/Writer Module
13.56MHZ New RFID Reader/Writer Module
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13.56MHZ New RFID Reader/Writer Module

RFID  frequency identification is a non-contact object recognition technology, it can automaticlly recognize target and get relevant data through rf signal, so there are so many interactive projects which need to use RFID to achieve object recognition. Generally speaking, one basic kit of RFID general system mainly consists of three parts :
Tag : composed by coupling components and chip, every tag have only electronic coding, adhere to the target object identifier
Reader : equipment used to read (sometimes can write) tag information, can be designed for handheld or stationary;
Antenna : transmit rf signal between the tag and reader.
At present there are so many RFID module, and there are difference from the interface of Arduino, we design these two version of RFID module which connect with Arduino through serial port, and both of these two version have exact same function and connection mode, but the antenna is different.

This RFID module is desgined based on MFRC522. It is a highly integrated reader/writer for contactless communication at 13.56MHz. It supports ISO 14443A/MIFARE mode and MIFARE Classic (e.g. MIFARE Standard) products. Contactless communication using MIFARE higher transfer speeds up to 848kbit/s in both directions.
We embeded an MCU on this module. By sending command via UART interface, you can make it work. Operation is very easy. Most work is done by the embeded MCU. There is also a SPI interface on the board. This is the MFRC's SPI. You can access MFRC directly via this inteface.

Various host interfaces are implemented on this module :

1)  SPI interface

2)  Serial UART

1、Supported cards :

ISO 14443 TYPE A : MIFARE ® ,Mifare ® Classic1K,Mifare ® Classic 4K

2、Special Features :

1、Highly integrated analog circuitry to demodulate and decode responses

2、Supports ISO/IEC14443A/MIFARE

3、Typical operating distance in Reader/Writer mode for communication to a ISO/IEC14443A / MIFARE is 40~50 mm

4、Supports MIFARE Classic encryption in Reader/Writer mode

5、Supports ISO/IEC14443A higher transfer speed communication up to 848kbit/s
6、Control by Serial UART interface: Baud rate could be 2400bps ~ 115200bps, with default baud rate 9600bps

7、With the chip ISO14443, it supports MIFARE standard encryption algorithm

8、Configuration data is preserved in EEPROM against power cut off

9、Built-in 8K EEPROM, easy to access it by sending commands

10、Easy to use, by sending simple commands users can control it to read or write cards

11、In compact command, command is as short as one byte

12、Excellent EMC performance

13、ROSH: Lead-free

3、Parameter :

Power Supply: 4.5V~5.5V, typically 5V.

Interface: UART (5V TTL) and SPI (3.3V TTL)

Size: 40mm x 50mm

4、Usage :

Baud rate could be 2400bps ~ 115200bps

Default setting :

    1) Baud Rate: 9600bps

    2) Parity bit: None

    3) Start bit: 1

    4) Data bit: 8

    5) Stop bit: 1

There are two kinds of command: Basic command and compact command. All the command are in Hex format. Please download manual for more information.

Connecting with Arduino is pretty easy. With Arduino Sensor Shield, just plug in and play. 

The working  principle of RFID is actually not complex, once the tag into the working area of card reader, card reader can read the data of tag by magnetic field generated by the antenna.
According to the specific use of different scene, we can use different types of tags, different types of tags have different range :

Compatible Working With Arduino :



Dimention Size :


13.56MHZ New RFID Reader/Writer Module List

1、13.56MHZ New RFID Reader/Writer Module ×1

2、13.56MHz RFID Card ×1
3、13.56MHz RFID Key IC Tag - B ×1
4、13.56MHz RFID Key IC Tag - A   ×1

5、Arduino I2C/COM Cable 30cm  ×1


Click to download the Zip Document

Zip Document List :

1) : Manual

2) : Mifare S50

3) : Mifare S70

4) : MFRC522 Datasheet

5) : Testing with Arduino


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